Over the years I have worked with Beer Advocate Magazine in several aspects of content creation from writing featured stories to creating images to help tell their stories better. Here are a couple of my favorite projects for them

US Hop Production Timeline
The dispersal of America hops has changed quite a bit over the years. Beer Advocated asked me to help visualize just how big those changes have been to accompany a story about the modern age of hop US production.

Beer Advocate Community Infographic (100th Issue)
To celebrate it’s 100th issue Beer Advocate tapped me to create a visual summary of their faithful online community over the years.

Pure, Not Simple Lettering Illustration
Opening spread for story about the German purity law known as the Reinheitsgebot.

Amber Highways: Brewers Hit the Road
I wrote the cover story for Beer Advocate #101 about gypsy brewers who used U.S. and world travel to learn about the craft they love.