With over 3,000 craft breweries in the United States there are a lot of stories in the industry. I helped Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine visualize some of these data based stories to put a new spin on craft beer for their readers.

Every other month I woudl pitch a couple data based stories that I thought might be interesting and teh editor would pick one or modify a topic. Then I would concept 2-4 ideas and togetehr we would decide on a direction. Then it was a matter of executing.

Goose Island Family Tree Trunk (Published Winter 2014)


An illustration that visualizes the effect Goose Island brewers have had on the industry after their stints with the brewery. Appeared in the Winter 2014 issue

Taxonomy of Popular Brewery Names (January 2015)

Underground Beer Market (March 2015)

Growth of the Cicerone Certification Program (May 2015)

Top 50 Craft Brewery Progression (June 2015)

Comparing Beer Festivals (December 2015)

Acquisition Nation (February 2016)